Dubai Fights Fires with Water-Powered Jetpacks

January 24, 2017 - Big Sean 01/24/2017 Views: 32,139

Dubai unveils an unusual new way for the city to fight fires -- as long as the incident happens very close to a body of water. (1:17)

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you know how some people say

America is a wealthy country?

Uh, no. It's not.

What you are about to seeis not part of an action movie,

it is a new way to fight fires.

Firefighters in Dubai are using jet packs and Jet Skis

to respond to waterside fires.

The Jet Skis help them avoid traffic

and their water-fueled jet packs

help responders hover near the scene

and put the fires out.


That's how you know the priceof oil is going back up.

That's just excessive.

I mean, it's awesome,don't get me wrong,

but it's not somethingyou'd expect

a professional fire departmentwould do, you know?

It's something a rich spoiledkid would think of.

That's, that's really somethinghe'd like.

That's basically what Dubai is,when you think about it.

Dubai is the Bieber of places,that's what Dubai is.

And this is only a great idea

if your fire is nextto the water.

Like, that's the only timethey can help you,

because now people are gonna becalling the fire department

like, "Help, help,my building is on fire"

And the firefighter'sgonna be, like,

"Okay, can you get your buildingto the river?

"Can you bring it to the river?

"We have something coolto show you.

Bring it down, bring it down."

Oh, and if this isn'tcrazy enough,

you should see their fire dogs.

-These people go all the way,I mean... -(laughter)