Paul F. Tompkins - The Exclusive South Carolina Electric Company

Paul F. Tompkins: Crying and Driving Season 1, Ep 101 10/10/2015 Views: 11,426

Paul F. Tompkins imagines a surprisingly fancy private club in his wife's hometown of Sullivan's Island, S.C. (1:21)

My wife is from a placecalled Sullivan's Island,

South Carolina.

It is one of my favoriteplaces on earth.

It is a little beach communitynear Charleston, South Carolina.

First time she took me tothat place I fell in love

with it immediately.

She took me to the beach.

We parked at a placecalled the Sand Dunes Club.

She said that's theSand Dunes Club.

It is a private functionhall for employees of the

South CarolinaElectric Company.


Now, I havechecked this and I have

double-checked this,and it checks out.


This is true, and yet howcan that be true, right?


How are the employees of theSouth Carolina Electric Company

having so many parties--


--that at somepoint someone said,

(southern accent) y'all,we need a dedicated space.


I mean,this is nuts.


Will I see you at the SandDunes Club this evening?

Party season is open.


All manner of electricalpeople will be there.


Take care to wear yourrubber sole tuxedo.

I hear tell they have a punchbowl filled with lightning.