Extended - Nate Bargatze - Home Invasion Defense Strategy

Nate Bargatze: Full Time Magic Season 1, Ep 1 05/02/2015 Views: 2,528

Nate Bargatze and his wife are ready to defend their home at a moment's notice. (1:20)

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I guess, the house.

I guess.I don't know.

If someone comes in,we have--

I don't have a gunto protect us.

I have a pocketknife.

That's what I havenext to the bed.

Like,that could do nothing.

I could hope to aggravate himat best, you know?

Like, I'd cut him,and he would just rip my shirt.

And then he would killboth of us.

That's best-case scenariowith a--

I don't know how to use thisknife in the middle of the day,

much less I'm gonna wake upout of a dead sleep

and have some kind of knifeskill I've never had before.


So what we do is, we sleepstrategically in our bed

to, like, preparefor an attack.

You know, like, I'm here;like, she's here.

She's, like, closer to the door,but...

It's--you know.

She doesn't even knowthere's a strategy, so...


It just--[laughs]

So the plan is, is, like,the guy's gonna come in, right,

and she's gonna lunge at him.

She'll lunge.

She'll probably be like,"Oh, it felt like I got pushed,"

and I'll be like, "Well, youdon't know what lunging means."

[laughter and applause]

She'll lunge.

She'll put up a good fight,all right?

At least a good enough fight

that I can be practicingwith my knife on my side.

Just a little, you know,ready for him.

That's when--[laughs]