Lisa DeLarios - Paralyzed Pets

Season 2, Ep 0205 05/31/2007 Views: 3,099

Paralyzed Pets: all of the lovin' and none of the runnin'. (1:54)

I saw this woman pushinga stroller,

and in the strollerwas a small dog.

And I was, like, "Lucky dog."

And she's, like,"Well, he's paralyzed."

"I'm so sorry."

I felt bad. I did.

But I got to tell you,

I could not stop thinkingabout it all day.

I was, like, "Paralyzed dog."

If I were eight years old,

that would bemy ultimate fantasy,

to have my very ownparalyzed dog.

'Cause you know, like,your stuffed animals,

they're cute and fluffy...

but they're not alive.

Finally, you get thatliving, breathing pet,

and what's the problem?

It won't sit still.

So I was, like, "What a greatidea for a business."

There's got to be moreanimals out there like that.

I'm not gonna break their legs,come on, people.

But why not unitethe disabled animals

with peoplewho'll appreciate them?


Supply and demand.

I've already come upwith the whole business plan.

The name of the business:Paralyzed Pets.

Alliteration, to the point.

The logo is gonna be a schnauzerin a tuxedo in a wheelchair...

Smiling-- he's happy.

Maybe, like, a cat on crutchesnext to him...


...wearing a tutu.

And the best partis the slogan:

Paralyzed Pets: All of thelovin', and none of the runnin'.

Yes. Thank you.


Um, I'm gonna be honest,you guys.