"Hidden Fences" - Maybe It's a Real Movie Somewhere?

Monday, January 9, 2017 01/09/2017 Views: 139

Jenna Bush Hager's "Hidden Fences" gaffe on the red carpet inspires Dan Bakkedahl, Betsy Brandt and Thomas Sadoski to make up taglines for the nonexistent movie. (2:10)

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The Golden Globeswere last night,

and the stars were out in forcefor Hollywood's fifth or

sixth biggest platform

for actorsto make political statements

instead of justaccepting their awards.

Uh, to recap... to recap...

Casey Affleck appearedto have been bitten by

-a radioactive rabbi, and...-(laughter, applause)

And everyone loved La La Land,

the feel-good musicalthat was set in L.A.

that proves that anyone can makeit as long as you got

a song in your heart,a dance in your step,

and you're two of the mostattractive people on the planet.


Now, in case you didn't know, Hidden Figures and Fences

are twoentirely different movies

featuring African-American leads

that both receivedmultiple nominations.

But shh! Don't tell that

to red carpet reporterJenna Bush Hager. Shh!

So, you're nominatedfor Hidden Fences.

How cool is it?You said

that this party's knownfor a little drinking.

Are you thinkingyou're going to partake?

-(laughter, applause & cheering)-I mean...

-I mean, Pharrell's not even...-BETSY BRANDT: Oh, my God!

-(bleep)-He's not even angry.

-You just hear him deflate.You know this... -(laughter)

The only thing this was missing

was the Curb Your Enthusiasm music sting. Watch.

So you're nominatedfor Hidden Fences.

(theme music for Curb Your Enthusiasm plays)

(laughter, applause)

Ah! Curb.

Your music makeseverything better,

-including porn.-Oh, my God.

-BRANDT: Oh, my God!-Now, I know this looks bad,

but let's give herthe benefit of the doubt.

You know, Hidden Fences is...

Maybe it's a real moviesomewhere.

Maybe that is a real moviesomewhere.

Comedians, give us the tag linefor Hidden Fences....


Um, will Stevie Wonder be ableto get his lawnmower business

off the ground and avoid allthe obstacles in suburbia?

Tune into Lifetimeoriginal movie Hidden Fences.

(laughter, applause)

I mean, I think you justsold the show, Dan.

You just sold the show.Points to that.

-Betsy.-BRANDT: Okay.

I have not seen Hidden Fences,

but I know all you have to sayis that it's very important.

It's very important. Yeah.