Chrissy Teigen, Couples Counselor

Boner Doctor Season 2, Ep 4 04/22/2014 Views: 163,989

Amy convinces her boyfriend to go to couples counseling but immediately regrets the decision when she finds out that their counselor is supermodel Chrissy Teigen. (3:55)

This is gonna be good.

Do we reallyhave to do this?

Yes, we're notcommunicating.

We need help.

We're notcommunicating?

Yeah, we're notcommunicating.

I don't even know whatyou're saying right now.

(door opens)


Hi, I'm Chrissy Teigen.

I'm so sorryabout the wait.

Come on in.Thank you so muchfor seeing us.

No problem.

It's gonnabe fine.

So let's get started.

First of all, how longhave you two been together?

Four years.Well, we had a good run,if that's what you mean.

Well, I think it's greatyou guys are both here.

It shows thatthis relationship

is something that's importantto the both of you.

I'm sorry,aren't you a model?

She's a supermodel.

You sound like a realass(bleep) right now.

I actually was a model,

but now I'm a clinicalsocial worker

and I really love it.

You know, I'm reallyenjoying this now

and I mean, who wantsto ride a horse naked

for the cameraall the time?

I'd rather justdo that on my own.

And as you know, modelingis great,

but you hit 27and suddenly, you're old.

Oh, that's not old.

Amy's 37.

I'm 32.

Yeah, but you'rea drinker.

All right, so let's talk aboutwhat brought you two here.

I'll start.


You know, when,when Amy gets jealous,

I get reallyfrustrated.

So I have to like,you know,

go to the gym and thenI gotta sweat it out.

Just... (growls)

And Amy?

Well, I, I feel likehe's cheating on me.

You just need to learnto believe that I'm not.

Uh, well, these soundlike two very conflictingperspectives, obviously--

Can you put your glassesback on, please?

Of course.

Thank you.

No, no.

No, no, no.

No,don't do that.

Okay, uh, well, he never has sexwith me, like at all.

It's becauseI don't want to.

And Amy, how doesthat make you feel?

That makes me feel unattractive,Chrissy Teigen.

You know what, Kevin,maintaining self-esteemfor a woman

can be really difficult.

I think we all feela little bit ugly sometimes.

All right, I wantto try a role play.

I'm going to be Amy.

Kevin, I'd like youto say to me

all the things that you'dlike to do to Amy in bed.


I don't think that'sa good idea for us--

First, I want to kissyou for hours.

And then I wantto run my fingers

through your long,dark hair.

And thenI wanna drive you crazy

by licking you in placesno other man,

including John Legend,

has ever touchedbefore.

All right,why don't you now

say those thingsdirectly to Amy?

It's okay.

I think she got it.

I don't thinkthis is helping at all.

So it's agreed.We're on a break.

You know what I liketo do sometimes is kind of

finish off the sessionwith just one of you.

I think that would bethe smartest deal here.

Okay, yeah.

Amy, you'll takea Citi Bike home, right?

I've never even useda Citi Bike.

It's really easy.You just use a credit card.

Actually, Kevin, I think it'sbest if I finish with Amy,

but, um, you know what?

My business cardsare still being made.

But all my informationis on this for you.

Oh, my God.Thank you.

We have a calendar--

Wow,this has everything.

I will put thisto use.

Great, and thenI will see you Monday.


Perfect.I will see you then.


See you at home.See you.

Girl,don't blow this, girl.


That man out thereis a total catch.

You need to lock it down.

Really?(phone chimes)

Oh, gross.It's a dick.