Blacklash 2016: The Unblackening - More Offensive References from Donald Trump

May 2, 2016 - Riki Lindhome 05/02/2016 Views: 1,622

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump clings to rape metaphors to describe America's foreign policy challenges, and Larry gains an unwanted ally. (6:42)

All right, on that note,it's time to check in

and see what's happeningwith the Unblackening.

All right,so, this weekend just happened

to be the twenty-fourthanniversary

of the brutal 1992 Rodney Kingriots in Los Angeles.

All right, Donald Trump,

you got a lot of people togetherin California on Friday.

How did you celebrate it?

WOMAN: Chaos outside a Donald Trump rally.

WOMAN 2: Things really got out of hand

-at a campaign stop in California. -(shouting)

Donald, that is so thoughtful.

You know, the traditional gift

for a twenty-fourth anniversaryis a race riot.

-(laughter)-Don't you know that?

That's why it's so hardto make it to the twenty-fifth.


But still, according to Trump,

violence at his ralliesis nothing compared

to what America is facing

from its trade relationshipwith China.

We're like the piggy bankthat's being robbed.

We can't continue to allow Chinato rape our country,

and that's what they're doing.

It's the greatest theftin the history of the world.

Okay, um, actually,the greatest theft

in the history of the world wasthe Lufthansa heist,

followed by D.B. Cooper,

and then when Gru and thoseMinions stole the moon, okay?

-(laughter)-That's a...

And I'm not even countingthe cheaters

stealing the Super Bowlfrom the Seahawks.

-Not even counting that.-(audience groaning)

That's right!I went there! I went there!

-(cheers, applause & groaning)-Whoa. Whoa.

Now, of course,this isn't the first time

Trump has mentioned rapeto discuss his foreign policy.

When Mexico sends its people,they're not sending their best.

They're bringing drugs,they're bringing crime.

They're rapists.

Mm-hmm. Okay,so let me get this straight.

Trump believesthat China is raping exports,

while Mexico isexporting rapists?

I don't know what focus group

you're relying onfor your, uh, metaphors,

but whoever told you

that's the way to getthe swing vote was mistaken.


Yet, despitethese unsettling comments,

Trump is a lot more upsetabout a controversial comment

Secretary Clinton madeabout Trump last week.

I have a lot of experiencedealing with men

who sometimesget off the reservation

in the way they behaveand how they speak.

She used a certain word,certain type of men.

-Off the reservation.-Off the reservation.

Men that areoff the reservation.

And I said to myself,that's a horrible expression.

-Yes, yes.-(audience groaning, laughing)

It's true. It's true. The word"reservation" is horrible.

That's why when I calla restaurant for a table,

I always say,"Can I please make an "R" word?"

-(laughter)-I always do.

I recommend that.I recommend that.

Or an "R, star, star, star,star, star, star, star, star,

-"O," "N."(laughter, applause & cheering)

That enough stars?Something like that.

All right.

Actually... this is so horrible.

Actually, I have to give creditto Trump here,

um, which is somethingI said I'd never do,

like download TIDAL.


I'm really breaking my promisesthis week, you guys.

But using uh,"Get off the reservation"

as an insult is very offensiveto Native Americans.

Um, isn't that right, Trump?

That's a very demeaning remarkto men, in my opinion.

(laughter and groaning)

Demeaning to men?!

Yeah, men have itso hard in this country,

especially orange men.


Come on, Trump!

Tell meyou at least have some idea

that Hillary's comment might beoffensive to Native Americans.

How disconnected can you be?

TRUMP:I won't even bring up the fact

that the Indians have gone wildon that statement.

You know that, okay?

Okay, that'sreally disconnected.

And by the way, Indians Gone Wild--

one of the more underratedspring break videos ever.

-(laughter)-More underrated...

Too... too soon?

It's too soon for meto make those jokes right now.

Okay. What jokes can I make?!

(frustrated grunt)

Okay, here to explain his mostrecent incendiary comments,

please welcomeGOP presidential frontrunner

-Donald Trump, everybody.-(cheering, applause)

-Hey, Donald.-Thank you, thank you,

and congratulationsfor having me on your show.

And congratulations, Larry--credit where credit is due.

You did an unbelievable jobSaturday night.

Oh. Wow.

Uh... thanks?

I-I mean, I thought maybe you'dcome on and say something rude

-like you always do.-No, not tonight, Larry.

-Oh.-I mean, you and me, buddy,

we're the same-- brothers.

Really, it was fantastic.


Wait, no, no, no, no, no.

We're-we'redefinitely not the same.

Sure we are.No, we're brothers.

I mean,from a different mother--

except mine wasn't black.

Okay, this is startingto make me very uncomfortable.

Not as uncomfortableas the media Saturday night.

I mean, that was fantastic.I mean, you killed.

I mean, those poor bastards,I mean, they really are poor.

I mean, so sad.They all dress like hobos.

-I mean...-I didn't...

you slayed them, and I haven'tseen a black destroy like that

since the Baltimore riots.

-I mean...-(audience groans)

-you left that room like a CVS,you really did. -Wait.

-Unbelievable.-No. Hold on a second.

Now, first of all,I was just joking.

I did itin the spirit of a roast.

I mean, it was all in good fun,you know?

But this isthe big leagues, Larry.

Sometimes you haveto get your hands dirty.

But your inciting violencewith your rhetoric...

-I'm so proud of you.-Wait... -(laughter)


No, no, no, no, no.

Violence?I did not incite violence!

Yes, you did.

Look what happenedafter your speech. A fight.

I mean, that's a signof a good, divisive speech.

-I mean come on.-Wait. Hold on, hold on.

I didn't start... I...I feel like we have

different standards of whatwe think was a good night.

No, no. Wilmore and Trump--exactly the same now.

-No, no, no, no.-Sympatico. Really.

-Wait.-I can't even tell

where my regular,normal skin ends

and whereyour black skin begins.

-What are you...!-(laughter)

Okay, that's horrible.And we're not close!

We couldn't be further apart.

You used the N word on Obama.

I mean, come on.So bold, so courageous.

Such a terrific choice.

-Well...-And personally...

I was gonna wait untilmy inauguration to do that,

-Okay, that's terrible.-but you beat me to it.

That is terrible. This...this is... this is horrible.

This is notwhat I intended at all.

I can't believe it turned outlike this. You're awful!

-No, Larry, we're awful.-We are not awful!

We're not in the same boat.

Listen, what are you doingthe next four years?

-Why?-I'm gonna need a running mate

who will appeal to the blacks.

Okay, no, thanks.No, thanks. No, no, no.

We're not alike.Donald Trump, everybody.

-We'll be right back. Oh!-(cheering, applause)

That's horrible!