The Song of the Summer

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 08/16/2016 Views: 276

After hearing a cringeworthy take on Queen performed at the games in Rio, Gina Yashere belts out the next line. (1:53)

It's time once again to crownthe song of the summer, and,

so far, a few jams havestood out above the rest.

"One Dance" by Drake,

"Can't Stop the Feeling"by Justin Timberlake,

and, of course,"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"

by Dick Van Dykeand the Vantastix.

♪ Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ♪

♪ Oh, you,pretty Chitty Bang, Bang ♪

♪ Chitty Chitty Bang Bangwe love you, and in... ♪

-(laughter, applause & cheering)-Oh.


-Quality.-I like that. I like that.

Just wait till the other patronshear his, uh,

fantasticcockney rendition of...

(cockney accent):♪ My neck, my back

♪ My pussy and my crack.

-Uh... -Yeah!-(laughter)

I would also like to givea hundred apology points

-to Great Britain for that.-Yeah, that was horrible.

Well, Twitter user@rodger_sherman has found a late

Song of the Summer candidatefrom the Rio Olympics--

a horrible rip-off of Queen,as you can see from this video.

It brought the house down!Look at the mayhem!

(to "We Will Rock You"):♪ Let's get, let's get

-(rhythmic clapping)-♪ Into it

♪ This is Rio, 2016

♪ Thank you all for coming in

♪ Help us keepthe arenas clean... ♪

-HARDWICK: Uh...-Yeah! -Wow!

-(cheering)-He liked it.

Unfortunately, it cuts outbefore the lines...

♪ Someone stole my kidneys,Zika's so mean ♪

♪ Pissin' in the pooltill the water turns green ♪

♪ We will, we will

♪ Rob you!

-(laughter, cheering)-And then...

They liked it. They liked it.

And then I think they gointo "Brazilian Rhapsody,"

which is 14 minutes long.Now, since we didn't get to hear

the entire song, comedians,please give us another line

from this Olympic-themedSong of the Summer.


♪ Michael Phelps wins medalsand everybody gloats ♪

♪ But Simone Manuel provesthat black people float. ♪

-(cheering, applause) -Ha-ha!Points. Well done. Points.

Okay. Thank you.

-(whooping, whistling)-Thank you.