Vanessa Graddick - Sexual Harassment

Season 4, Ep 0403 10/30/2009 Views: 1,105

Vanessa Graddick likes a smack on the ass every once in a while. (1:57)

because I'm gladI'm doing comedy.

Because I wasa social worker before.

Um, not a good one at all;not a good one.

I... I quit caringabout the kids long ago.

'Cause I don't, I don't knowif you got the memo,

but kids are evil--does anybody...?

They are evil little creaturesbecause they don't

have the same filters thatwe as adults have and hold dear.

I'm going to tell you this

just because we're family now.

Um, I'm blind in my left eye.

It doesn't work.It wobbles a bit sometimes.

Don't be alarmed, sir.It's going to be okay, um...

It's all right.I, I ain't even know know

you guys were over there.That is nice. Did you...?

You knew they were there; youwasn't gonna tell me or nothing.

You just gonna let--okay, that's...

Be back to y'all in a minute.

But no one here as adultswas going to say anything.

Nobody's going to say anythingto me about my eye.

You might textthe person next to you

or talk about it in the car,but you're

not going to say anything to me.

Not the case with kids.

I go into their homes like,

"Hi, little kids.I'm here to save you."

"Eww, what's wrongwith your eye?"

"Forget you, you little bastard.That's why your mama on crack

and you ain'tnever gonna be nothin'."

Ooh, right... kids...

And I wasn't madefor a 9:00 to 5:00 job,

'cause we had to dostupid trainings like

sexual harassment training--did anybody have to go to those?

Apparently,it is taboo to tongue kiss

your coworkers in the hallway.

That's a problemfor some reason.

But I personally don't wantto work in an environment where

somebody can't smack meon the ass every once in a while

and let me knowI'm doing a good job.

Like, else do you know?

Ooh, thank you, John.I'll keep it up. Thank you.

Thank you.

I need sexual harassmentin my life.

I'm single.

I need all of that.

It's important.

Like, I sleep with it at night.

Like, "Ooh, at leastJohn likes me. This is..."


And I would asksome single ladies to say,

"Oh, we're here. We..."

No, we're not happy about it.We're sad.

Like, we need a newsingle lady shout out.

Like, where arethe single ladies at?


And that's gonna be it.

That's the new thing right now.