Extended - Chris Hardwick's Nip Slip - Uncensored

Extended - Thursday, September 29, 2016 - Uncensored 09/29/2016 Views: 2,062

Ken Jeong, Suzy Nakamura and Dave Foley warn against computer viruses linked to celebrity online searches, and Chris has a major wardrobe function. (2:32)

There is a list going around

Twitter today of the top ten

most dangerous celebrities.

I wonder who could be at number


Probably Suge Knight, or Suge

Knight, or Suge.

Let's see who it is.

What?! It's Chris Hardwick?

I don't...

How am I... dangerous?

(applause and cheering)

No, no, no, no.

Has nothing to do with me,

although I'm very honored.

I never get put on lists like


I really feel like I've made it.

I don't know if I should be

upset that they called me

dangerous, or considered me less

dangerous than Carson Daly,

who's a very nice guy.

He's a very nice guy.

But this alarming graphic is

actually McAfee's list of the

top ten most dangerous

celebrities to search for

online, meaning that cyber

criminals use our names to

expose you to malware.

Ironically, John McAfee is not

anywhere on this list...


...who is the most dangerous

person in the world.

So don't click on anything that

sounds too fake, like "Chris

Hardwick nip slip." Um...


It's a trap.

I don't have nipples. Uh...


Well, I do have nipples, but you

don't want to...

All right, fine, fine, fine,


(applause and cheering)

Oops. Oops.

How did that get out?


I like that it's a slip.


Oh, no!

I've slipped... and then...

(applause and cheering)

>> Oh, my.

>> HARDWICK: ...that

accidentally... flew out.

>> Oh, my goodness.


>> HARDWICK: Oh, you want

some... some of that?

>> Oh.

>> Oh.

>> What's wrong? Whoa.

>> HARDWICK: You want some of

that little sand dollar action

for you?


Now I can't button my shirt

because wardrobe does everything

for me now.

(whining): I just can't...

Does this go in here?

>> Oh, no! Oh, no.

>> HARDWICK: I don't know...

(Hardwick speaks gibberish)

I don't know.

I just need some...

>> Sand dollar area.

>> Oh, it's fine.

It matches. It matches.

>> HARDWICK: Stop it!

>> It's great. No, it's great.

Ah, it's fine.

>> HARDWICK: I need to prevent

another nip slip.


Comedians, what's a computer

virus you'd get from Googling

one of these celebrities?

Dave Foley.

>> Uh, if you Google Daniel

Tosh, your computer kicks you in

the balls and thinks it's the

funniest thing that ever


>> HARDWICK: All right, points.



(applause and cheering)

Suzy Nakamura.

>> Um, if you Google Selena

Gomez, your computer gets

whatever virus Justin Bieber


>> HARDWICK: All right, points.

(laughter and groaning)

(applause and cheering)


>> Well, he's not on the list,

but if you Google Joel McHale,

your computer gets so smug and

snarky, but is just so fuckable!