Brendon Walsh - Girls' Night

Brendon Walsh Season 1, Ep 5 05/25/2012 Views: 23,321

Brendon Walsh describes what it's like hanging out with a bunch of drunk women who want to sing karaoke. (1:53)

Sucks getting older.

And all my friends are, like,

married to all these womenwho hate me.

Most of my friends' wiveshate me.

They're just, like,"No. What are you gonna go,

hang out with your stupidfriend Brendon?"

But I hang out with my friendsand their wives a lot.

And, like, if you're everhanging out with, like,

three or more drunk ladies,

you're gonna wind upat a karaoke bar eventually.

There's no way around it.

Drunk girls lovesinging karaoke.

But I got news for you,drunk ladies,

nobody wantsto hear that (bleep).


I never thought to myself,

"Man, I really loveall the songs of Journey,

"but I always thoughtthey'd be really awesome

"if Teresa from Human Resourceswould sing 'em to me

after a couple frozenmargaritas."

"Yeah, have a couplefrogaritas, Tres.

"Sing 'Don't Stop Believing'the way it should be sung.

"It's girls' night! Whoo...!

It's girls' night. Be-whoo!"

That's the internationalsign for girls' night.

This is, this is choking.

That's international signfor choking.

This is the international signfor girls' night:


It's, like, you press your armup against your head,

try and bend your elbowthe wrong way.


Equal rights! Whoo!