Brody Stevens - Reenacting "The Hangover"

Brody Stevens Season 2, Ep 17 01/05/2014 Views: 5,685

Brody Stevens relives the day he spent filming one of the biggest R-rated comedies of all time. (1:41)

Alright. So my call time to beon set is at 6:30 in themorning.

I show up at 4:00.

I beat Bradley Cooperto the set, I beat Ed Helms,

I beat the Asian guy,and I beat Zach.

And I do my own makeup.

I bring tinted Clearasiland a black Sharpie.

The scene is the police station.

They just got arrested.

They're handcuffed, and I got towalk into a room full of people

not unlike the Royale herein Boston.

The deck stacked against me.

Who is this guywith the perfect beard?

Who is this guywith the extreme temple lines?

(laughing):Who is this guy...?

(cheering and applause)


The scene is the police station.

I walk in.

Here we go.

Three, two, one, action.

"So after we taketheir mug shots,

"we bring 'em on down here,

"where they waitto be interviewed

"by the arresting officers.

"Trust me, kids, you don't wantto be sitting on these benches.

We call this place Loserville."

(cheering and applause)


Number one R-rated comedy!

Until Ted knocked it off.

Shot here in Boston.

(cheering and applause)

Didn't put me in Hangover III.

Ted knocked it off.

I'm not in Hangover III. It's gonna be World War III.

I'm gonna go from WarnerBrothers to Bang Brothers.