On the Way to See Chelsea

I'm Sorry, Chelsea Season 1, Ep 3 12/09/2013 Views: 1,667

Brody prepares to see Chelsea Handler for the first time since he left her show. (1:52)

We're headed toChelsea Handler's house.

Am I nervous about today?Yes, I am.

There's trepidations,there's stress levels.

I haven't spoken to Chelseafor two years.

-Chelsea's show...-Mm-hm.

was a family to you, in essence.

And so when people didn'treach out, it is hurtful.

It's like, oh, we're turningour backs on you,when that might not--

Yeah, that hurt me.

I just felt like they hadto keep going, they havea show to do.

Of course.

And I felt like I had a lotto do with that show, as a partof the family.

So I kind of miss the funenvironment, the regularpaycheck.

So when that ran out, it kindof shifted me a little bit.

Do I think it had anything to dowith my episode? I mean--

But it did impact the stressorsin your life, meaning-- it was,yeah.

Yes, which may have indirectlyled somewhat to me goingwhere I went.

Talked to Chelsea, who knowswhat's gonna happen.



Oh, great.

Another bad decision by Brody.

I mean, even when I drive,I make bad, [BLEEP]ingdecisions.

Today I have an opportunityto possibly make things better.

She might go, "Brody, why didyou leave the show?

"Why did you causeweird energy?"

I go, "Because I'm immature.

"I'm not fully developed.I'm a late bloomer."