James Adomian - Sheriff of Nottingham - Uncensored

The One with the Worst Jobs Season 1, Ep 3 08/07/2014 Views: 7,503

During his search for Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham (James Adomian) stops by The Meltdown for a quickie wedding. (3:45)

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Bravo for the performanceon the stage!

JONAH (O.S.)Who-- who are you?

It is I, the Sheriffof Nottingham.

Silence, you fools!Oh!


Out of here.

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

I am the Sheriffof Nottingham...

and the duly appointedmagistrate of theSherwood Forest.

I am here for one reason only.

I have a writ of attainder,a warrant for the arrest andimmediate execution...

of Robin of Locksley...

for treason, arson...

and destructionof the King's property.

I assure you, I'm authorizedto conduct investigations...

to round up and dealwith as I desire--

Aw, fuck you.

All outlaws, scofflaws,brigands, braggartsand merry men.

So he's over here then,Robin Hood, I don't smell him.

I do smell Saxon blood, though.

Isn't that right, Friar Tuck?

Forgive me, Father,for I have sinned.

There's no way to resistan evil blow job.

But I assure you, I am notmerely a caricatureof a gay villain.

I love it.

Yeah, that's true.

Cry not, weep not,tremble little...

for today is your wedding day!

Bring the matrimonial wine!

Thank you. Kneel!

Do I, Reginald BirminghamOglethorpe...

the 28th, and right honorablegood Sheriff of Nottingham...

take you to be my--

Yes, I do.

And do you, Marian, whore...

take me to be your masterfor ever and ever?

No matter what I do to you?

She does! She does! She does!


Away with us, Marian!

And if Robin, you cowardSaxon dog be here!

Come quickly as I come slowlyinside of your beloved.

Come, Robin Hood!Where's the fucking door?

Come, Robin Hood!

James Adomian, everybody!