David O'Doherty - Irish History

David O'Doherty Season 1, Ep 11 06/15/2012 Views: 4,044

David O'Doherty describes some of the important figures in Irish history, including Saint Patrick and the indigenous leprechauns. (2:31)

Pleasure to be here!

So complicated.

I had to get a special visato come and do gigs here.

And the actual wording

on the visa I have says,"David O'Doherty

is an alienwith extraordinary ability."

And that is big talkright there,

especially when you've alwayshad a mild complex about looking

like ALF.

I, uh,

I'm from Ireland,and it's similar

to Boston;it is similar in that...

I'd say the main differencewould just be day-to-day life

in Ireland,it's just a bit more mystical.

You know, more smoke machinesand synthesized.

Like, aaah.

It's more like livingin an Enya song.

To give you a little bitof history, I guess,

if you don't know about Ireland,going right back,

Ireland's indigenous peoplewere the leprechauns.

Or the lepricians,

as no one calls them,

and they died out tragically,

owing to the factthat they were all male,

and that they never existedin the first place.

Nothing will killa race off quicker

than never actuallyhaving existed.

And then the nextmajor character

in Irish history is St. Patrick.

And St. Patrickis the patron saint

of strangers peeingin your front garden.

That is how heis still commemorated

around the worldfor one day every year.

God, he used to be huge where I come from.

Like, bigger than MySpace or R. Kelly.

Not so much anymore;I think, to be honest,

whatever people used to getfrom the Lord,

I just get the same thing nowfrom the Internet

because they're similar

in that they're, like,invisible, but all around us.

And they knowfreaking everything.

That's the advantagethe Internet has over the Lord

is that you can ask the Internetquite specific questions.

Like, we were always toldas children, ask God anything.

God is always listening,so, I'd be like,

"God, why do bad people

always seem to do so wellin the world?"

And God would be like,

"Well, David, here is

a very ambiguous book."

But with the Internet,you can be much more specific.

You know, be like,

"Did OMC have any other hits

apart from 'How Bizarre'?"

"No, he did not."

"Thank you, Internet;Lord, look and learn."

Can't illegally download Deadwood off of you, either.