Jeb! - For the Good of Mankind

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Jon Heder, Will Sasso and Chris D'Elia imagine what Jeb Bush would change about his life if he could go back in time. (1:45)

First up is the GOP's ownTommen Baratheon--

Jeb!, exclamation point.As the brother and son

of presidents,Jeb! exclamation point

should have beena shoe-in for the nomination.

Problem is, he turned outto have the charisma

and self-confidenceof Gil from The Simpsons.

"Oh! Oh! Oh,Jeb's gonna give 'em heck

out there, I tell ya."

Like in this bizarre interviewwith The Huffington Post.

Said, if you couldgo back in time

and kill baby Hitler, would you?I need to know.

-MAN: And?-Hell, yeah, I would.

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: Uh...

It's weird.

We were just asking aboutsanctions in Iran,

but thank you.

-Wasn't...? -Imagine himkilling a baby, too.

-(laughter)-That's the boring part.

I'm doing thisfor the good of mankind!

-So easy.-HARDWICK: Why would you...?

I don't know.I'm just assuming.

-(laughter)-Yeah. Yeah.

Comedians, what's another thingJeb Bush would change

about his life if he couldgo back in time? Chris D'Elia.

I'd go back to September tenth

to take a picturein front of those buildings

-before my brother blew them up.-HARDWICK: Oh, no.

(groaning, applause)

(audience whooping)

HARDWICK:Oh, my God.

I'll be atthe Fort Lauderdale Improv,

-coming up. -HARDWICK:Fort Lauderdale Improv!

-Uh, Jon Heder.-Uh...

-(laughter)-I go...

How do you... follow that?


-That's the problem Jeb had.-Yeah, yeah.



I'd go, uh, check outmy mom in high school

before having kidsruined her bod.

-HARDWICK: Oh, (bleep)!-(groaning, laughter)