Sammy Shoots a Movie

Jeff & Some Laughs Season 1, Ep 4 02/01/2017 Views: 1,355

Sammy poses as a celebrity personal trainer in a bid to impress his alien viewers. (1:20)

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Come on, come ongimme a litte more

Whoo!Just another Tuesday,

training a smoking hottie.

Man, I love beinga personal trainer.

- Hey, big stud,

put your camera awayso you can focus on me.

She stares at Sammy'srippling muscles, as lust--

- What?Cut, cut, cut!

You don't readthe stage directions, you moron.

All right, we're filmingfor real this time.

No more screw ups.


You know what's crazyabout this job?

I mean, you're a smoking hot--[door opens]

oh!- Oh!


Oh, oh!- Jeff, are you okay?

- Damn it, you guysget away from me!

Today has been a nightmare.

I couldn't evenget a courtesy laugh.

Every single person out there

is just a uptight asshole!

- Sounds like you're notrespecting your audience, Jeff.

- [sobbing]My dad's gonna die.

It's all becauseI'm the least funny,

stupidest, loseriest guyin the world.

- Guys!

[uplifting piano music] - [gagging]

- They love you, Jeff.

- They do?