John Ridley - Indian Restaurant

Cotter, Royce, Ridley Season 2, Ep 16 05/23/1993 Views: 1,117

Maybe they airlift food into Indian restaurants? (1:31)

City, a very, very fine city.

I like it here.

Although one thing has alwaysbothered me about New York.

It's probably the squeegeemen on every single street

corner in the city.

I mean, you drive inNew York in your car,

just minding your own business.

The second you stopat a stop light,

you're surrounded by these braindead zombies with Windex, who

want to wipe downyour windshield

whether you want them to or not.No choice in the matter.

That just-- I hate that.

Now sometimes when theseguys wipe down my windshield,

I get so pissed, I justwant to jump out of my car

and start likecombing their hair.

You know, just a little--Tit for tat kind of thing,

you know what I mean.

Sometimes they piss me off.

I'll mess up their hair.

I won't put and mousse in it.

That's what I'll do, becauseI'm that kind of a guy.

One of the greatthings about New York,

there are always so manywonderful restaurants to eat.

I went out with somefriends of mine last night.

I went to an Indianrestaurant for dinner.

That was kind of nice.

I've never been to anIndian restaurant before.

To tell you the truth,I never even thought

about going to an Indianrestaurant for dinner.

Because as far as I know,there is no food India.

So why bother, really?

What the-- What are they goingto do, bring your meal to you

in a little box marked UNICEF?

Is that how that--


-Maybe air lift your mealin from another restaurant.

I don't quite know theprocedure with that.

I've got one more.



They probably don'thave a kitchen

in an Indian restaurant.

They probably have like SallyStruthers in back making phone

calls, trying to getyour meal together.

No need to fight, man, I knowwhat's best for you people.

Thank you very much.

I had a nice time.It was a nice restaurant.