Pete Davidson - Growing Up in Staten Island & Flying Cape Air

Pete Davidson: SMD Season 1, Ep 1 10/29/2016 Views: 28,362

After a brutal takedown of his native Staten Island, Pete Davidson describes a harrowing experience on Cape Air. (2:48)

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You know how you knowsomeone's from Staten Island?


They let you know that they'refrom Staten Island.

If you don't knowwhat Staten Island is,

it's like New York's abortionthat lived.


It's a shitty place.

Nah, there's good peopleeverywhere

but, like, not in Staten Islandat all.

Yeah, like, everybody could dieon Staten Island,

and I wouldn't lose sleepover it at all.

I'd be like, "Oh, I guessI got to find

a new Xanax dealer."

Like, that's about it.

No, it's nice to be home.

I had a--I had a [bleep]-upweek.

I had a long week.

I had to fly Cape Air.

I don't know if anybody'sever flown Cape Air,

but I'll tell you what it is.

It's a Volvo that flies.

It's a Volvo with wings.

Um, first thing,you pull up to the airport.

I didn't even know it wasthe Cape Air airport,

because it looked likea post office.

So I told the Uber driver,I was like, "Listen.

I thinkwe're at the post office."

And he was like, "No,this is the airport."

And I was like, "Well, okay."

First thing you dowhen you get in there--

there's one ladyworking in the airport.

And when I got in there,I was very, like--

I was like,"What the [bleep]'s going on?"

And she was like, "Okay,weigh your carry-on."

I was like, "That seems normal."

I've weighed my carry-on before.

And she was like,"Now weigh your backpack."

I was like, "Well,that's a little odd."

I've never really weighedmy backpack,

but, you know, maybe

there's not a lot going onat Cape Air.

Maybe she's just tryingto get a good work in.

Like, you know what I mean?

So I weighed my backpack.

And then she was like,"Now you."


I was like, "Why--why do Ihave to be weighed?"

And she was like, "Well,we have to weigh everybody

"so we know where to seat youon the plane

"so it doesn't topple over.

'Cause it's not likea regular plane."

And I was like, "Did youjust say 'regular plane'?

Why the [bleep] is that okay?"

It was terrifying.

We walk to the plane.

You could sit shotgunwith the pilot,

like he's your buddyfrom college.

The pilot was tryingto give us a speech before.

It was crazy.

He was just like,"All right, guys.

"Before we take off on Cape Air,

"I just want to let you know

"pretty muchthe most important rule.

You guys know how,on a regular plane..."

I was like, "What's with this[bleep] 'regular plane' thing?"

I was like, "Get a new spiel."

He was like, "You know,when you're on a regular plane,

"they're like,'Turn your phones off,'

"but you really don't haveto turn your phone off?

"On this plane,turn your [bleep] phones off.

All right, everybody havea safe flight, all right?"