Fantastic Voyage

Parasites Lost Season 3, Ep 4 01/18/2008 Views: 4,739

In order to rid Fry of worms, the Planet Express crew plans to dive into his bowels while Leela keeps him distracted. (1:54)

PROFESSOR:In each gastro survival kit

you'll find a rain slicker,a disposable fun camera

and something to protect youagainst bacteria--

a harpoon.

Yo, old guy

why do we have to usethose tiny microdroids?

Can't you just shrink us?

Oh, my, no.

That would requireextremely tiny atoms

and have you pricedthose lately?

I'm not made of money.Leave me alone!

Me next!

Anyhoo, your 'Net suitswill let you experience

Fry's worm-infested bowels

as if you were actuallywriggling through them.

There's no partof that sentence

I didn't like.

PROFESSOR:Is everyone present?

( all reply affirmatively )

Here's the plan:

We'll enter the ear,

drip down the backof the throat

and make for the bowel.

There, we'll irritatethe pelvic splanchnic ganglion

and cause an intestinal spasm,expelling, among other things,

the parasites.

I'll tell Fry to wash out,among other things, his ear.

No! Fry can't knowanything about the mission.

If he finds out, the wormswill try to defend themselves.

They know everything he knows.

They know how to makeice cream soup?

Leela, your roleis to distract Fry

so he doesn't noticewhat we're up to.

Can do!

Leela, you should

really try afacial scrub

for your pores.

( blowing )( screams )

Look, a starling.Really?

Shh. Be very quiet.We're in the ear.

Okay, Professor.

What?!What about what?