Uncensored - Owen Benjamin - Road Rage

Owen Benjamin: High Five Til It Hurts Season 1, Ep 1 06/28/2013 Views: 8,872

Things get pretty real when you're stuck at a red light with someone you just yelled at. (2:00)

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I think driving can bring outthe worst in people.

You know, I think people,in general, are nice.

We want to be goodto each other.

We wantto be good to each other.

But in cars, we have somethingcalled "road rage."

You ever road-raged on somebodyand then got stuck next to them

at a red light?

It gets pretty real, right?

You're like, "Watchwhere you're going, asshole."

[imtates car horn]"Yeah, I see you too.

Watch out."

Then you're at a red light,you're like,

"Yeah, that felt good.

Yeah, I really told his asswhat's up."

And the dude's just staringat you, right?

I'm like...

I pretend I'm busywith the radio.

I'm like,"What's on the radio?"

As soonas the light turns green,

"Fuck you!"And then take off.

Thank you.I can cure road rage.

I know the answer to it.

It's 'cause of the horn.

The horn makes people crazy.

It makes me crazy.

[imitates car horn]

What happens if you bumpinto someone in person?

What does that feel like?Not bad.

"Excuse me.Oh, I'm sorry.

I'll hold the door for you.No, after you."

Right?There's nothing wrong with that.

Why?'Cause we don't have horns.

Can you imagine the worldif you bumped into someone,

and they pulled out a horn?

If you were like,"Hey, watch out, bud."

"Oh, I'm sorry."[imitates air horn]

"What are you gonna doabout that?"

[imitates air horn]Just uppercut, just--

that would drive youapeshit.

You're just watching out.

[imitates air horn]"Hey."

[continues imitating air horn]

It would be crazy, right?

I like how he didn't defend youat all, by the way.

That's right.You know your place.

I'm just kidding.No, he's cool.

I'm just joking.He's a real sweetheart.