Daniel Tosh - The Hollywood Lie

Season 1, 04/17/2016 Views: 7,409

Daniel Tosh shares a theory about how men and women really are different when it comes to sex and reveals how his sex drives changes when he's in a relationship. (1:59)

I blame Hollywood for ruiningevery relationship

that I've ever been in.

What you don't realizeis how negatively

they affectyour relationships.

Everyone's awareof the liberal media bias

in the news,but what about the way

they portray couplesin every sitcom,

where there's a dumb husbandchasing his wife around

the whole episode like,"I want to have sex,"

and she's never in the mood?

They just hammerthat stereotype home

that men alwayswant to have sex

and women never do.

Let's get thisout of the way right now.

Women want to have sexway more often than men.

[cheers and applause]

I assure you, ladies,this is not the perspective

you're going to enjoy.

I don't know if you're newto my comedy or not.

I havea very gender-specific slant

that I ride pretty hard.

Because the reality is,

whether you wantto admit it or not,

no man's everloved you more

or been more physicallyattracted to you

than he was the first timehe had sex with you.

And from that moment,it goes down.

Okay, now, don't look at himright now

and make the eveninguncomfortable.

"Is that true?"

And then he has to be like...

"No.I'm pretty sure he's queer.

I don't carewhat he says."

It's true100% of the time.

How fast it divesis case by case.

It doesn't have to falloff a cliff immediately.

We've all been therewhen it does.

Can you be happily marriedfor 50 years?

Of course you can,but know that for him,

every time you have sex,it's going down a notch.

Men die ten years earlier

because we [bleep] want to.

Don't make himfeel inadequate.

Don't challenge his drive.

"I'm with the only guyin the world

that doesn't wantto have sex all the time."

Uh, no, you're not.

When I'm in a relationship,

I can go two to three weekswithout thinking about sex.

When I'm single,I need to masturbate

twice a daybefore I step outside,

or I willsexually assault someone.