Pete Dominick - Through the Eyes of a Child

Season 2, Ep 0205 05/31/2007 Views: 5,634

Kids will find your most insecure physical quality and draw the hell out of it. (1:15)

Thanks. That's just enough.

Enough for you guysto get used to my head.

I was in denialabout losing my hair.

You really want to know whatyou look like to other people?

Here's how I found out.

Don't look at a pictureof yourself, or in the mirror.

You really want to know?

Have a child draw you.

Yeah. Kids will find your mostinsecure physical quality

and draw the hell out of it,right?

You're, like, five poundsoverweight, like, five pounds.

Kid's, like, "Lookit!I drawing you!

Look! You're a fat circle,you fat circle!"

Your eyesare a millimeter uneven.

An FBI facial retina scan

wouldn't be able to tellthe difference. Kid's, like,

"Here's one eye. Here'sthe other eye, droopy face!

Look, Droopy Face!"

Then they tell you who youlook like. That's never good.

Their frame of referenceis fictional characters.

My niece told me I looked likeMr. Burns from The Simpsons.

Easy! Easy!

No need to clap.

Great. Thank you. That's great.

I'm amazing looking.