Kurt Braunohler - Pretty Good Year

Kurt Braunohler Season 3, Ep 13 07/25/2014 Views: 3,995

Kurt Braunohler had a very important biscotti-related realization in the past year that he needs to share. (1:04)

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Pretty good year.I've learned a lot this year.

I, uh, learneda valuable lesson recently,

which is

I learnedthat I don't like biscotti.

And that's okay.

You know what?

(bleep) you, biscotti.

What? Do I want to chew on rocks

and nurse mouth woundsfor weeks?

No! No, I don't!

But people who like biscottiare like,

"Oh, you just got to soak itin coffee first."

You know, (bleep) your food

that requires meto give it a hot bath

before I eat it.

(bleep) you, biscotti.

This year alsois gonna be the year

that I meet the manfrom Hewlett-Packard

who determines how many minutes

of weird noisestheir printers make

before printingone frigging page.

It's also the yearthat I get to go to a rodeo

and just walk around screaming,

"This is my first rodeo!"