Leonardo's Beard

The Duh-Vinci Code Season 6, Ep 5 07/15/2010 Views: 157,136

Fry helps Professor Farnsworth discover something hidden in his collection of Leonardo da Vinci relics. (1:18)

Euclid, Copernicus, Braino--

and my personal role model,Leonardo da Vinci.

What turned them to stone?

(groans): Oh...

Da Vinci was history's greatestartist and inventor.



VoilĂ !

He invented flying machines,

war engines, submarines...

Uh-oh. Nibbler died in the wall.

That's not Nibbler. That's mymost precious possession.

Leonardo's beard!

I paid a fortune for it at anauction of historic body parts.

Oh, I suppose if I have anAchilles' heel,

it's because I bought it atthat same auction.

Indeed so.

Most indeededly.

Careful withthat, you fool!




But possibly yes.

What is it Professor?

Oh, my!

It's da Vinci's fabledlost invention.

Even the scholars who wrote

of this device had noidea what it was for.

And now, at last, neither do I!

Maybe we can figure it out.

We? (laughs)

Well, I may not havebrain smarts,