Chris Hardwick - Herr Joke Baron

Chris Hardwick: Mandroid Season 1, Ep 1 11/10/2012 Views: 8,745

Germans get a bad rap for being humorless, but Chris Hardwick has a knock-knock joke that proves otherwise. (0:56)

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Like, whenever you seea German in film,

they're usually, like,vilified or creepy,

like Raiders of the Lost Ark.

"Yes, I know you will."

Like, that's Germansto us, right?

And it's--Germansget a really bad rap

for not being funnyand being humorless,

and it's not true.

I actually found a--

Well, the German comedyweb site,

And, uh, this is a simpleknock-knock joke

that I hope you'lltake part in.

But I think it will providea small window

into their hilarity.

So here we go.

Klopfen, klopfen.

- Who's there?

- Wer ist da?


Pfirsiche wer?

Pfirsiche haben keinen Wert und ist keinen Gott.

Ha ha, ha ha.

For those of you who don'tspeak German that means,

"Knock, knock.""Who is there?"

"Peaches.""Peaches who?"

"Peaches haveno intrinsic value

and there is no God."


Oh, hilarious Germans.