Uncensored - Big Jay Oakerson - In Defense of Pubic Hair

Joe DeRosa, Jermaine Fowler, Jay Oakerson Season 1, Ep 1 04/13/2014 Views: 9,813

Big Jay Oakerson has some advice for the women in the crowd on how to survive the colder months of the year. (1:35)

What would you likeme to say?

Push my podcast,the Legion of Skanks.


Oh, sorry--The camera fell asleep.

And he has his own podcast,the Legions of Skanks,

Pleasewelcome Jay Oakerson.

(cheering and applause)


Dave Attell,everyone, huh-- Wow.

What a night.

It's cold outside.

Winter's right around thecorner, that means what, ladies?

Time to grow yourbeavers back.


The winter woolbush season is upon us.

You say no.

Bald--You're all about bald?

Every girl shavesbald.

I'm gonna help youout a little bit, ladies.

Before you go shavingyour pussies bald,

that's whateverybody wants to do,

take a good look at yourpussy in the mirror.

Some of themshits need hair.


Some faces need a beardand some pussies need hair.

My face needsa beard.

If I don't have a beard,I'm just face and neck.

I need a beard togive a sense of a jawline.

Some pussies needhair.

A gingerchick, redhead?

Needs a bush.

To cover her anatomy, literally,they're see-through people.

It's a confusing pussy.

You don't even know it's a pussyexcept there's just these

blue lightning strikesof veins running down

her fetus-like cooch skin.

You go to eatthat girl's pussy,

you can see her heart beatingright through her pussy.

Oh, shit.

You're all worked up.

Look at you.