Gabriel Iglesias - Abusing the Power

Dillon Garcia, Paul Varghese & Rudy Moreno Season 1, Ep 2 10/13/2011 Views: 67,443

Gabriel Iglesias likes to watch people lose it when he walks into a McDonald's. (2:03)

and, uh, for me, this is cool,

because I've been coming herefor so long, and it's nice

to walk into placesand have people freak out.

I'm not gonna lie.It does something for me.

And I'm walking into McDonald's,and they're losing it.

"What are you doing here?!"

I'm, like... "Hello!

I have one, too."

But now I find myselfabusing the power.

You know, I get to the register,

and they're freaking out,you know.

"Are you Gabriel Iglesias?"

I'm, like, "I don't know.Is the food free?"


"Yes, it is."


And, like, for me,the best hook-up so far,

best hook-up has beenat Disney.

Oh, man, I showed up.

People were giving mefree stuff left and right.

You know, I'm therewith my family,

and they were loving it--free sodas, hats and stuff.

And people kept walking up.

"Can we take a picture?Can we take a picture?"

You know, and I'm not oneof those, you know. I'm not.

I'm not one of those, you know,"No! Get away! Get away!"

Nuh-uh. I didn't get attentionas a kid, so now it's on.


All day, picture, picture,picture, picture, picture.

And seriously, highlight for mewas watching two kids

walk past Disney charactersto get to me.


Oh, and they were hating.They were hating!

I could hear 'em, too.

(high-pitched laughing):Bull... Son of a... mother...


Whatever, dude.

All day, picture,picture, picture,

and all it took was one kid,one to crush me.

Yeah, just humbled youreally quick.

You know, he walked up to me,he's all, you know,

"Oh, my God,I just saw you on TV!

Oh, can I take a picture?""Let's do it, bro."

"Oh, my God, this is so cool.This is so cool.

"I can't wait to tell my dad

I took a picture with the guythat repossesses cars."


(applause and cheering)

(cheering and applause)

(applause, cheeringand whistling)

Ladies and gentlemen,from Operation Repo,

the star, Mr. Lou Pizarro.

Hey, what's up?

(applause, cheeringand whistling)

Hell, yeah.

No hombre, dude.

You look like you've beenrepossessing quesadillas, bro.