Jews and Samoans

Jews and Samoans Rule Seattle Season 1, Ep 10 12/30/2013 Views: 571

Brody and his old partner Teina Manu decide to revive their public access show for one last performance. (1:20)

Sometimes it takes timefor friends to find out whattheir friendship is about...

then trying to make thefriendship happen.

Well, you left a message sayingyou were gonna be up here.

I gave you a call, we're here,walking around on one of themost beautiful days of the year.

How do I feel about Boston?Yeah.

I'm nervous. I was happy to goback to Phoenix and like becomefriends again, at least.

Let's make surethat this is gonna rock.

Like I was doing up herewith the cable access show.

I lost that.There was something missing.

I think if we put on anothershow, that people wouldcome to it.

Let's do the public access show,it's Brody and Teina...

Jews and Samoansrule the world. Yes!

We've sort of discoveredwhat we are to each other.


Trust and believe.Trust and believe.

I feel the Jewish power.

I feel the Samoan power.