A Stoolie Joins an Airport Protest

The Barstool Rundown: Live from Houston - January 30, 2017 Season 1, Ep 1 01/31/2017 Views: 1,018

A shirtless Stoolie sends El Pres, KFC and Big Cat video footage of himself reveling in an airport protest against President Trump's immigration ban. (1:28)

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(dramatic orchestral music)

- [Narrator] All Barstool Sports

will be relocating to Manhattan.

We want to take it to the world,

but we're trying to take this site

and crank it the fuck up.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- What an idiot.


- [Voiceover] Oh my god!What's gonna happen!


- The finer things club,

the scumbag club.

- [Elderly Woman] You are, too. Are you married?

- I'm married to the game.

- Stop sending the dick pics.

- [Voiceover] You're a bum.

- [Elderly Man] We're funnier, smarter, better,

prettier than everybodyelse who is stealing

our shtick on the internet.

- I said, brick by brick, we will tear this city apart!

- You're a loser, and I'm gonna make you a winner!

- You can't do live TV if you have

the charisma of an ant.


- Just grab her and then twist her.

- Yeah, there you go.

- Oh, yeah yeah.


- Yeah, Nate!

- No matter what I fucking do, I win!



- Back to work.

- Then I tried to eat it.

I was like (gagging).

I opened my mouth as that was coming in.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- You gotta get in the mirror,

eye to eye, and be like, I've got to be better at my game.


- Take it down, we're coming, we're not stopping.

You think we're getting smaller,

we're getting bigger.

I'm gonna be in your ear.

Everywhere, you can find us.

(dramatic percussion)