Ryan Hamilton - Inflatable Dancing Man

Kindler, Hamilton, Ray, Schumer, Gutmann, Sharpe, Mason Season 2, Ep 3 06/28/2007 Views: 14,551

Car dealerships give away free hot dogs like it's no big deal. (1:15)

to sell their products.

Like care dealershipsare the craziest.

These people throw a party,have you ever noticed that?

They get the streamers out,they got balloons up

like they're conductingweather experiments

or something.

You know, they've gotthe search lights out there.

Like Batman's going to show upand apply for credit

or something, you know?

They're giving awayfree hot dogs

like it's no big deal.

Yeah, I'll takea $25,000 automobile

if you throw ina hot dog, you bet I will. Yeah.

I don't need a navigationsystem, just some condiments.

That's all I need, you know.

My favorite though, is thatcrazy, inflatable dancing man

out there on the street.

You know, you've seen him.

He's probably at the cell phonestore, whatever.

The guy out there just...


Zero percent financing.

Where is it?

Right over there.

Over where?

Over there.

Not a good pointer.


You are so welcome.