Joe DeRosa - Supporting Comedy

Joe DeRosa Season 2, Ep 4 05/10/2013 Views: 6,179

Joe DeRosa recognizes that people probably don't do research before coming to see comedians. (2:33)

So, I-- listen,I really appreciate

you guys comingout here tonight.

(crowd cheering)

Touched, man.

I'm really touched to see peoplehere supporting comedy.

All right? And my mom's here.

I want to,I want to say hi to her.

She's healthy.

(crowd cheering)

I love you.

I know.

MOM:And you're handsome.

What?And you're handsome.

Oh, thank you.(laughter)

(crowd cheering)

Here's... here's the funny part.

She goes, "I love you,"and I go, "I know."

And... it's the only timeI got to be Han Solo in my life

was with my mom.



All right.

My dad's here, too.

I don't mean to leave him out,but you know.

(crowd cheering)

So... she was, uh, she was--

I'm glad, I'm gladyou're on your feet.

I'm glad she's better.

She was down for a few months,and, uh, I went home

to live with my parents, uh,for a few months,

uh, to help themkind of get through stuff.

And, you know, it's--

When you go hometo be with family like that,

all you do is have timeto reflect, you know,

and everything gets deeper andmore emotional to you, you know?

So that's why I'm touchedthe-- at the fact

that peopleare supporting comedy.

It means a lot to me.

Because comedians--we think comedy is art.

Nobody else really does,you know?

But we think it's art.

Most people don't evenrespect comedy.

They don't even research itbefore they go see it.

They just watch one comedy thingone time,

and they go, "That's comedy.That's what it is.

"I saw 2 Broke Girls one time.

"Now I'm offto the Comedy Central taping,

"and it better be just like

old fat titsthat I saw on that sitcom."

And people will get madif you're not what they expect.

And it's not your fault,you know?

'Cause, like--and you wouldn't do that

with any other artistic thing.

You wouldn't do thatwith music, you know?

You wouldn't go,"I know what music is.

"I heard Slayer one time.

"That's what it is.

"Now... now I'm offto the Gordon Lightfoot concert.

Better be just like Slayer!"