The Pope Asks LGBT People for Forgiveness

June 27, 2016 - Cynthia Erivo 06/27/2016 Views: 8,762

Pope Francis calls on the Catholic Church and all Christians to apologize for centuries of marginalizing LGBT people. (1:57)

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Big pride month newsfrom the Pope.

Pope Francis is making waves

with anotherunscripted response.

While flying home from Armenia, the pontiff said that

Christians and the Roman Catholic Church

should apologize to gay people

for the way they have treated them.


Damn, the Pope says the Church,and all Christians,

should apologize to gay peopleand every single minority group

they've ever oppressed.

My question is, how?

Well, I mean,it's not like Hallmark makes

"Sorry, I oppressed youfor centuries" cards.

It's like, "Roses are red,

"violets are blue,sorry we said

that Jesus hates you."

What do you...

How do you start?

I mean, just-- this is so insanewhen you think about it.

The Pope's flying homeand he just comes out with this,

and this isn't the first timethat the Pope dropped

a pro-gay bombshellwhile he was on a plane

because remember threeyears ago, he said this:

The Pope, giving a pressconference on the plane

on the way back from Brazil,

and here's what he said, "Who am I to judge a gay person

of good will who seeks the Lord?"

You know, if ever there wasevidence that this man is

truly in touch with the divine,it's the fact that he says

fantastic things on a flight.


The Pope is the only person

who seems to get more relaxedin an airplane.

He's just sitting there like,"The middle seat.

"The Lord worksin mysterious ways.

"Please, share my armrests.

"These peanuts I will giveto the poor people...

in economy class."

It's crazy.

It-it almost seems likethe higher up the Pope goes,

the more progressive he becomes.

We got to sendthat mother(bleep) into space

just to see how liberalhe can get.