Cat Park

Terrible People Season 1, Ep 9 06/25/2013 Views: 46,580

As the daughter of the owner of a company, Amy pitches a revolutionary new way to give back to the community: a cat park. (4:10)

to all the underprivilegedchildren in the world.

( clapping )

Incredible,Charles, really incredible.

Well, before we vote toapprove funding

for Charles' project,

it's my honor to welcome ournewest board member,

Amy BlackBerry.

Hey guys.

I know you all think I'mhere just 'cause

my dadowns this company

and like a third of allthe phones on Earth,

but honestly, Isubmitted for this job

under a fake name,

just like Tori Spellingon "90210."

Well, regardless,

we are thrilled to haveyou here.

Welcome to the team.

( clapping )

Cool... how cool.

Well, let's vote.

Oh, you know what, if Icould just interject here,

I actually had a differentplan I wanted considered

for that same funding.

I know my dad's reallybehind it.

I don't want thatto affect anybody's decision,

it's just an FYI.

Okay, Amy,yeah, go right ahead.


Yeah.Okay, great.

Um, I have two words foryou guys.

Just two words.

"Cat park."


"Cat park."

Raise your hand if you'veever heard of a dog park.

I know I have.

And now raise your hand ifyou've seen a cat park?

Yeah, are youguys with me right now?

We build the firstever cat park,

right herein our community.

These are the ears,

these arethe eyes, whiskers, nose.

What's missing?

The mouth.

Why is there no mouth?

Because I'm speakingfor cat park.

Pass itaround, take a swig.

Okay, some of you still havesome questions,

that's fair.

Just watch this.


♪ Cat park

♪ Cat park

♪ Cat park

♪ Cat park

♪ Cat parkCat Park ♪

♪ Cat parkCat Park ♪


♪ Cat park

I like that video.

Cat park willserve as a safe haven,

not only for cats, but forcat owners, too?

Is this real?

Are you real?


Okay, I get it,"cat park."

But why now?

Why not meow?

There will be a section ofcat park with a slide

and you willput the cat on the slide

and you can watch that catslide down that slide.

All right--That kicks ass.

I knowyou're all thinking,

will babies be allowedin this park?

No, they will be arrested ifthey enter the park.

This doesn't makeany sense.

Shut up, Charles.

Yeah, Charles.

Cat park.

It's simple.

Well, I mean,it's not that simple.

No one's ever thought ofit before.

I am the first one.

Well, I don't thinkwe need to vote on this,

but let'sjust do it for fun.

All in favor of approvingAmy's cat park?

We could havesaved millions of kids,

but afterseeing that presentation,

I don't want tosave kids.

I wantto entertain cats.

Welcome to cat park!

Thank you for the standingovation, everybody.

Standing O.

( clapping )



Where's Lady Guinevere?

( man )Buddy?

Hey, Buddy?( woman)Crystal ?

Rembrandt, are youhere?

I've lost my cat!

(woman )Mittens, I can't find you!I can't find my cat!

( meowing )