The Tribal Shield

Season 3 , Ep 12 04/07/15 Views: 3,077

Woody announces that Camp Brickleberry will be reopening for business, and Steve remembers why he can't be trusted with children. (1:42)

♪ Chumba-wumba,hubba-bubba, Ray Liotta ♪

Greetings, Shit For Brain,

Dances With Rhythm,Morning After,

and Gay Buffalo.

Big Chief Horsedickcome bearing big news.

15 years after beingshut down,

we're finally reopeningCamp Brickleberry,

and you're all gonna becamp counselors.

- Yes!- Yes!

Woody, this park isa dangerous place for children.

So is your uterus.

Jackubowskiwants the camp reopened.

And it givesthe park a chance

to make a buttload of moneyoff some sucker parents.

So you sure as shitbetter show them a good time.

So we're supposed to chasethese kids around

and do all this extra work?What do we get?

Well, the counselorwhose tribe is voted the best

at the end of the week wins...

[imitates fanfare]

the legendary tribal shield.

Like anyone with a braincould be motivated

by a painted trash can lid.

- I'm winning this!- No, it's mine!

Hands offmy painted trash can lid!

Settle down, morons!Put these on.

Woody, I, uh,didn't get a shirt.

There's no way I'm letting yoube a counselor again.

You're the reason we hadto close the camp

in the first place.

What happened?

I remember it like it happened15 years ago.

- Steve?- Oh, sorry.

I thought you guyscould see my brain movie.

Every summer the entire campwould compete against each other

in the mother of allcamp competitions--

The Gauntlet.


- We're gonna lose.- I know a shortcut.

Are you sureabout this?

This sign says"mine field."

Mine field, your field,I don't care whose field it is.

Get in there!


This is gonna makefor a scary brain movie.