Dave Nystrom - A Tougher Generation

Season 1, Ep 0102 07/27/2006 Views: 3,652

Dave Nystrom's grandfather's generation was much tougher. (1:08)

( cheering and applause )

Thank you.

I moved from Canadato Los Angeles recently.

I had to drive down the coast.

I drove throughWashington State.

Is anybodyfrom Washington State?

( single applause )Are you?

They have one of the funniesthighway signs

I've ever seen in my lifein Washington State.

It was "Report abusersof the carpool lane.

Call 1-800-something-something-HERO."

'Cause you're a hero narcingon your fellow drivers.

That's what a hero isin Washington.

How do you think war veteransfeel when they drive past that?

"Oh, yeah, I had to climbover a foxhole

"after half my platoongot wiped out

"and belly through the mudinto this sniper's nest

and kill him with a Bowie knifeto get called a hero."

"But you busted a 66-year-oldschoolteacher

who's rushing hometo watch Oprah, so touché."

( laughter )

( applause )

I think we're a whinygeneration, I think in general.

You look at our grandparents'generation.

They're a much tougher peoplethan us.

My grandfather wentthrough the war,

went through the Depression...

You know, he came backfrom the war.

He built his house brickby brick with his own hands,

went and worked in a millfor 40 years after that.

I built a bongout of an apple once.

I bragged for like six months.We got nothing.

( laughter )