Donald Trump's Eventful Martin Luther King Day Weekend

January 16, 2017 - David Fahrenthold & Bryshere Gray 01/16/2017 Views: 127,010

President-elect Trump spends Martin Luther King Day weekend discussing urban development with comic Steve Harvey and disparaging civil rights icon John Lewis on Twitter. (8:59)

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let's make like Steve Harvey

and get into the news.I, uh...

I actually feel badfor Steve Harvey, you know?

These days, whenever you seehis name in the headlines,

it's becausesomething went wrong.

Two years agohe accidentally crowned

the wrong Miss Universeon live TV.

He's constantlycalling families to feud.

And last weekwas a double whammy.

Harvey's week off, uh,started... or, his week, rather,

started off with himbeing slammed

for making jokes aboutAsian guys being unattractive

in a segmenton his daytime talk show.

And, uh, that wasn't evenSteve Harvey's whole week.

Because after pissing off,uh, a whole ethnic group,

where does one goto find a sympathetic ear?

REPORTER: We are just getting some live pictures in

right now. The president-elect making

an unannounced appearance at Trump Tower,

where he is standing with Steve Harvey.

REPORTER 2: Comedian Steve Harvey revealed he'll work

with Donald Trump to improve inner cities.

And you thought Donald Trumpwasn't gonna do anything

for black people. Huh? Huh?

You know what's funnyis every single

black person who meets with Trump

has that same"What the (bleep) just happened"

expression on their face.


As soon as... as soon asthe cameras come out,

they all look likethey've busted

on an episode of Cheaters. That's what it looks like.

No, it's not what it looks like,it's not what it looks like.

Now, as you can imagine,

any black person...

any black person seen to berolling with Trump

knows they will be subject tothe full fury of Black Twitter,

uh, which is why Stevewas not ashamed

to justify his visitand, uh, drop names.

I was, uh, in-invited here

by the...both transition teams--

Obama's transition teamand Trump's.

President Obama saysyou got to sit down and talk.

It's just me following, uh,

orders from my friend,uh, President Obama,

who said, "Steve, you got to..."as he told everybody,

"get out from behindyour computer,

"stop tweeting and texting

and get out thereand sit down and talk."

A-and O... and Obama told meto call that woman, honey.

Uh, Obama said I should...

I should talk to herin the club.

And Obama's why I drovethat fast, officer.

He said... he said,

"Don't let anythingstop you, keep going."

And-and... and Obama just, like...

I like how Obama's become, like,

the "traffic excuse"of politics.

"Why are you doing..." Well, theObama was so crazy yesterday,

I just had to... I had to do it.

Uh, so it was a reallyrough week for Steve Harvey.

I-I feel bad for him.He's a good guy.

But how you can defend yourselfabout this? How...

Uh-uh, uh-uh, I candefend myself, Trev.

-(cheering, applause)-Oh!

I can defend myself, boy.

It's Steve Harvey, everybody,it's Steve Harvey!

-Yeah.-It's Steve Harvey!



Now, you over here tellingyour little jokes about me,

but see, Trevor, you don't evenunderstand how it went down.

Let me tell youhow it went down.

You got to explainto these Africans real slow

how it go down.

I was minding my businessat the dry cleaners,

'cause I dropped off my mustacheto get cleaned up.

My phone rang,and it was-it was...

and I knew it wasan important call,

'cause it wasthe Downton Abbey ring tone.

-(sings Downton Abbey theme)-Uh...

Yeah. That's what I useon my phone. It was Obama.

I-I answered the phone...and Obama said,

"Steve, I need youto go talk to Trump."

Mr. Harvey, I-I hateto call you out,

but it sounds like you're tryingto blame Obama for this.

Well, white folks blamedObama for eight years.

I can't do it once?

So, wait, so, wait-- if Obamasaid jump off a building,

would you do it?

If it helped black people, yeah.

Still, hey, Trump...It-it hurts me that black people

think I don't care about 'em.

Every year I honorthe best in black business.

I have a programthat mentors children.

My mustachewon three NAACP awards.

You see, this is...this is all it comes down to:

black people... black people,we-we got two choices,

black people, look:

either we meet this manand try to get something done

or we take four yearsoff politics.

And I don't know about y'all,but Steve Harvey

don't take a day off.You better check your TV Guide,

I'm on four channels right now.(laughs)


-Ste-Steve, take-take a seat.-I'm on QVC,

I'm on damn ESPN Deportes.

Steve, Steve, I understand,

-I'm on all them channels.-I understand what you were

trying to do, but-but what doyou say to the people

who are mad at you?

The hell you mad for?

I stood next to a manwhile he said dumb things.

My whole jobis to stand next to people

while they say dumb things.

Name me something thathas an eye but can't see.


Tell me a part of the bodythat begins with the letter T.

-Titties.-(bell dings)

Good sucker?(chuckles)


-Seagull.-Good answer!

I could have said, "Do this,say that." I don't want that.

(bell dings)

Roy Wood Jr., everybody.

-Give it up for Roy Wood Jr.-(cheering, applause)

And by the way, by the way,Roy, by the way,

I can't front, man--

that's a pretty goodSteve Harvey impression, man.

-The mustache does half thework. -Yeah.

Now, if Steve Harvey'sway of dealing with Trump

isn't your flavor,we got the exact opposite way

of dealing with Trump thisweekend from Georgia congressman

and civil rights leaderJohn Lewis.

Do you plan on tryingto forge a relationship

with Donald Trump?

It's gonna be very difficult.

Uh, I don't see thispresident-elect

as a legitimate president.

You do not consider hima legitimate president.

Why is that?

I-I think the Russiansparticipated

in helping this man get elected.

And... and they helped

destroy the candidacyof Hillary Clinton.

Uh, I don't planto attend the inauguration.

Damn, John Lewisdoes not mess around.

I mean, I've heard of peopleturning down party invites,

but giving your reasonas illegitimate--

that's gonna change Evitesforever, people.

So... John Lewis

called Trumpan illegitimate president.

And you know Trump--

I mean, he justlets that (bleep) slide.

Straight onto his keyboard.

MAN: Trump lashing out at the Georgia congressman on Twitter,

saying "Lewis should spend more time on fixing

"and helping his district, which is in horrible shape

and crime infested."

MAN 2: "All talk, talk, talk.

No action or results. Sad!"

-(laughter)-I'm sorry. What?

All talk, no action?

You're callinga civil rights hero

who marched in Selmawith Martin Luther King Jr.

all talk, no action?

Saying John Lewis isn't a manof action is like me saying

Donald Trump is all tax returns,no tweets.


(applause and cheering)

This man... this mangot his head beaten in

on multiple occasionsby racist policemen

who were trying to silence himin what he was doing.

That is action.I'm not gonna front.

If you smashed me over the head,

I would seriously reconsider

-whatever issueI was fighting for. -(laughter)

I'd be like,"I'm sitting in the front." Bap.

"You know what?The back's cooler anyway.

"It's whereall the cool kids are.

"Rosa, you do you.

"I've gota one head-beating policy.

I'm out. I'm out."

A part of me thinks Trump didn'teven know who John Lewis was.

I mean, this seems like it'sjust Trump's generic response

to any black criticism.

Any time black peoplecriticize him, he's just like,

"Go backto your burning inner city."

You know, like,if Trump met a black astronaut,

I bet he'd be like,"Thank you for fighting crime

-in the burning inner citiesof space." -(laughter)

"Space crime is a huge problem.


-But...-(applause and cheering)

But here's the thing.Here's the thing.

What Steve Harveyand John Lewis did this weekend

perfectly captures the debate

about how to respondto the Trump presidency.

Do you resist him,or do you work with him?

And this weekend,we saw examples of both.

And it's appropriate

that we're talking about thison Martin Luther King Day

because Dr. King also stoodfor both approaches.

Dr. King was out on the streetsmarching and boycotting,

but he also sat down tonegotiate with those in power.

Yeah. And that's exactlywhat I was trying to do.

-(laughter) -That's what Obamatold me to do.

What you just said--that's what Obama...

CHIENG:Steve Harvey!

Oh, (bleep), It's Ronny Chieng,everybody. Ronny Chieng!

-(applause and cheering)-Wow. Ronny Chieng.

What's up?

Wow. What-what are you...?

What are you doing here, and whydo you have a baseball bat?

You think it's funny

to perpetuate stereotypesabout Asian men?

I will teach youabout racial discrimination.

Now, which one of youis Steve Harvey?