Patton Oswalt - Andy Dick's Special Kiss & Carrie Fisher's Gold Bikini - Uncensored

Roast of William Shatner Season 1, Ep 101 08/20/2006 Views: 20,788

Patton Oswalt pokes fun at Andy Dick's cameo in a Jessica Simpson video and reminisces about Carrie Fisher's skimpy costume in "Return of the Jedi." (1:18)

By the way Andy, I saw the newJessica Simpson video.

The one whereyou lick the roller skate?

I never thought I'd feel badfor a roller skate.

What the...

All right,sit down, Courtney.

Seriously, please.Oh, God.

Oh, Jesus Christ!


See you in ten years,erections.

Cable Ace nomineeKevin Pollak,

ladies and gentlemen,right over there.

Used to, uh...

Former host of Celebrity Poker Showdown.

How the fuck do youget fired from a job

where all you gotta dois say, "Nice fold, Coolio"?

How does that happen?

Good God.

Carrie Fisher.

Carrie Fisher,ladies and gentlemen.

As a nerd,

you really are...

In that gold bikiniin Return of the Jedi.

Jesus God in heaven.




Oh, jeez.