Uncensored - Dane Cook - Browser Histories

Dane Cook: Troublemaker Season 1, Ep 1 01/25/2015 Views: 13,270

Dane Cook points out that nobody in the world should have a completely clear browser history. (1:21)

What can we do right atthe beginning of therelationship

to [bleep] crackeverything open?

Get to the good stuff?

Well, you've gotto look for shit.

You've got to-- right now,it is legal to snoop and look

for shit.


That's not weird anymore.

I think that thatshould be the rule.

Even if it's a first date.

If somebody leaves the room, andtheir computer is open and on,

get on there.

Just start-- doesn't matter.

If they walk into the room,you're on my computer?


I want to know who the[bleep] you really are.

I don't have time to waste.

Life is short.

Who the-- are you a sociopath?

I want to know what's going on.


Anybody who thinks they'rebeing smart here, by the way,

I'm going to pointsomething out.

Nobody's browserhistory should be clear.


If you go on somebody's computerand their browser history

is clear, get the[bleep] out now.

Nobody should have timeto be clearing browsers.

You go on a girl browser,it should be like Pinterest,

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest,Pinterst, WebMD, Pinterest,

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.


Guy browser?



We're such sneaky shit bums.

Every time we leave the house wego, oh babe, I forgot my keys.

We didn't forget the keys, weforgot to clear the browser.

That's how paranoid we are.