Kevin Hart - A Proud Black Leader

Washington, D.C. Season 1, Ep 6 11/06/2016 Views: 4,149

Kevin Hart shows up at the legendary Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington, D.C., to proudly proclaim himself an important black leader. (1:13)

- Let's see what this excuse is.

- Doop, doop, doop, doop,there they go. Hey.

- Where you been, man?We been here for a hour.

- Had to make a stop.- What is that?

- What is that? This ismy business, is what it is.

- Show us. Come on.- I'm not showing you nothing.

Do you understandwhat's going on today, guys?

- Tell us.- I am going

into the legendaryBen's Chili Bowl.

You want to know who elsehas been here?

A bunch of black leaders, okay?- Like who?

- Malcolm X,Doctor Martin Luther King.

- That's two.- What's the guy with the--

the jeans that gotthe jacket to match him?

Barack. Barack Obama.

- He never wears jeans.

- Well, then you don't know himlike I know him.

I've seen him in jeansseveral times.

The bottom line,these are all black men

that are changing the world.

Looks to me like anotherblack leader

is walking in this placethat needs to be recognized.

- You do standup.You're not a black leader.

- This man not a black leader,Harry?

- Don't do this.- Huh?

Telling me that, right there?- He got a picture of himself.

- Don't do this.- I got--what I got is history.

Okay? And there's a placefor me in here.

You know, Barack Obama ison his way out the office.

Sounds to me like a spaceon the wall just opened up.

- Kev, you're notgonna go in here

and ask them to put youon the wall.

- Damn if I won't.- Did they ask you

to bring your picture?- It ain't about what they ask.

It's about what you want.- Don't do this.

- I'm doing it.- Don't do it.

- Doing it.- I can't believe--

- Don't do this. Don't.- Kev, don't do this.