Amy Goes Deep with Mr. Manhattan - Uncensored

The Horror Season 1, Ep 4 05/21/2013 Views: 69,105

Amy interviews a well-endowed man who calls himself -- and his penis -- "Mr. Manhattan," and she learns that his sex life is different from other men's. (2:12)

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So, Kareem, you havea huge penis.


Um, at what agedid you realize

that your penis wasbigger than other peoples?

I was watchinga television show, um...

AKA, a Triple-X movie.

A television show--you're watching porn, okay.

And I noticedthat mine

was the same sizeas a grown man.

And how oldwere you?

I was in my teens,I was probably like 14.

What worddo you say?

I say, like, penisor ( bleep )

if I'mfeeling comfortable.

I have the nameMr. Manhattan, so...

Do you call yourpenis Mr. Manhattan?

Mr. Manhattan.

It's a star.

It sounds likea star.

Have you ever beennervous for a girl to see,

or are you alwayspretty excited?

I've heard, "Wow!"

You knowwhat I mean?

You know,yeah, yeah...Hey!

( laughing )That kind of a...

Yeah, you couldhit a high...

♪ Whoo Oh, wow.

So peoplefind the Lord

in your underwear.Doves will release...

Pigeons will releaseinto the air.

You changed it from doves topigeons, you downsized it?

Have you evershowed it to a girl

and she just startedcrying?


Do you wanna see ifthat happens right now?

No, just kidding.

Does it take you longer tojerk off than other guys?

Jerk off chronicles-- um,ended in my earlier stages.

You never jerk off?

No, not now, no.

Why, is ittoo hard?

You need like a teamof experts to come in?

Well...They're like,heave-ho...

Um...( laughing )

What's going onwith your balls?

Are they-- arethey bigger?

Um, it's perfect, actually.

You know what I mean,it's like, um...

a hot dog with two meatballs,you know what I mean?

That doesn'tsound perfect.

They're fantastic,my balls are fantastic.

I do notdoubt that.

What are theirnames?

Hoboken and Secaucus?

( laughing )

Do you get excitedwhen you find out

a girl hasa big ( bleep )?


Yeah, that doesn'texcite me.

You're not like, "Oh, you'refinally gonna go home"?

You know,you don't say like,

"Oh, we found a placefor you, boy"?

Have you evertried anal?

And whereis she buried?

That's hilarious.

( laughing )