Uncensored - Faces in the Crowd

Louis Katz, Robert Kelly, Luenell Season 1, Ep 6 05/18/2014 Views: 11,857

Dave Attell surveys the audience and finds a couple of familiar faces. (2:11)

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I'm your hostDave Attell.

Thank you guys.

Give yourselvesa hand for coming down

for the show here tonight.

Let me just take a quickcklook around here.

Over here, of course, we havetwo male models and other.

Where did you guys...

What are you laughing at,traveling gnome?

I can't believe...

Now, sir, are yougetting these jokes?

'Cause I know yourkind enjoy riddles.

You're a good-naturedcrowd, I like that.

Now, we're gonna be taping allnight and I need someone to work

the camera for me,who's-- Whoa!


It's Farrah Abraham,the teen mom, give her hand.

Farrah, thank you.

You're adorable, man.

You're likea young milf.

You're like skimmilf, I love that.

What the fuck?

Farrah, what haveyou been up to lately?

We're all so curious.

I've been up towriting a...

Say it.

Erotica trilogy.

And I have--A book?

(Farrah)Yes, a book.Okay.

Plus music,my sex tape.

Your sex tape? Well, I ama huge fan of one of those.

That is great.

But I also rub oneout to Moms Mabley,

the tanning mom and a deletedscene from "Big Momma's House,"

so I'm pathetic.

Farrah, I just gotta let youknow, as you're taping me,

just in case, we alsohave someone taping you.

Ladies and gentlemen,Jim Norton.

Yeah nice!

Hey, Jim, howyou doing, buddy?

I'm good, Dave,how are you?

Now, Jim, are youa fan of Farrah?

Are you a fan?I love Farrah, I--

Are you doingthis a lot?

This a lot? Yes, except I'mnot holding anything black.

Yeah.Yes, I am.

(Dave)He's good, he's good.

So you're a fanof Farrah, huh?

I've been a fan ofyour work for ten years.


That's hilarious, someonecall Chris Hansen.

Really, right now.

Get him on the phone.

Are you guys readyto start the show?