Just Nesh - An Unlucky Friend & Losing Weight - Uncensored

Chicago Season 1, Ep 3 10/16/2016 Views: 2,633

Just Nesh talks about how a friend's accident inconvenienced her and opens up about her struggle to lose weight. (1:47)

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Thank you. I promise I needthat energy. I need it.

I've been havinga terrible few weeks.

Um, I'm gonna say this realquick before I get started.

One of my best friendsfrom grammar school

got in a terrible accidentthree weeks ago,

and he's stillin the hospital,

and that shit fucked meall the way up, okay?

'Cause I had just letthis nigga borrow my EBT card.

You know what I'm saying?So I'm trying to figure out

how the hell...

I'm gonna getthis card back, Jesus.

Like, for real.

Like, when is it a good time

for me to bring this shit up,you know, without--

without being a petty bitch?

You know, like, damn,should I ask his mama?


Ooh, I'm so mad,I'm in the hospital,

"Nurse, where his pants at?Nurse?

Where y'all put his wallet?"

Shit, I'm hungry.I need to eat healthy.

It's so expensiveto eat healthy.

I've been in the gym.

You know, I gottalose a little weight.

Been in the gym,eating healthy, thank you.

Yeah, it's been--working out!

I joined the gymfour months ago.

I swear to God, I steppedon the scale yesterday,

and in four monthsI have lost 45.

Yes, hello.


In four months,I have lost 45 dollars.

Okay, it's--what the fuck?

Okay, have not lost a pound,you hear me?

But--but the money'sfalling off my ass, yes.

I'm losing 15 a month quick,quick, quick.

You know, they take that shit

right out of your bank account,right?

Don't do that, LA Fitness,okay?

You don't know ifit's in there, okay?

Like, you--don't do that.

Like, y'all not gonnatake attendance first?

I'm not here, damn.I've been absent.

All right, I've been absent.Stop charging me, okay? Yes.