Ron Funches - Summertime Thing

Ron Funches Season 3, Ep 6 06/20/2014 Views: 8,966

Ron Funches treats his parents the same way that he treats Walmart. (2:30)

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I don't like the cold at all.I'll tell you that.

Like, I'm so tough,I don't like winter at all.

It's too rough.

I'm a summertime boy.

I love the summer.

It's my favorite timeto just relax,

smoke a little pot.

That's my summer thing.

It's also my winter thing.



And it's creeping in on fall.

But there's always someone

that tries to make you feel bad

about what you enjoy.

I call these people my parents.

We have a weird relationship.

I kind of treat themlike a Wal-Mart,

which I'll explain.

It means I really don't likegoing to them for any reason.

I'd prefer itif they stayed out of my town.


But I get a strange satisfactionfrom stealing from them.



I was worriedyou guys were gonna narc on me.

♪ Towel's my best friend.

(Ron giggles)

I live in Los Angeles now,which I love very much.

I'm getting veryCalifornia'd out.

I've started meditating more.

Been working on my vision board,

writing my goals out,trying to make the...

(laughter)Why is that funny to you?

I'm just trying to sharemy spiritual journey with you,

tell you about howI'm taking my hopes and dreams

out of the atmosphere,

try to write them downand make a reality.

I think that's brave.

I did find out

that most of my dreams are justto own a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

But that's a solid purchasefor anyone.