Jak Knight - The Problem with Black History Month & A Good Way to Get Herpes - Uncensored

The One with the Kiss/Will They Won't They Finally Answered Season 2, Ep 4 07/21/2015 Views: 2,506

Jak Knight rebuffs Bill Cosby's defenders, takes Google to task for its Black History Month display and finds the bright side of having herpes. (2:09)

Hey, since we're all likefriends and stuff,I want to, uh--

Y'all really think Bill Cosbydid that shit?

Listen, I don't care either way,I would go over Uncle Phil.

I'm just trying to figure outwhere you guys are at with thiswhole thing.

My whole problem with theBill Cosby case is...

I remember when there were like27 alleg-- other than the rape,of course, but--

I remember when there was like27 allegations against him.

A bunch of misogynisticdudes were like...

"He probably didn't rapeall 27 of them."

He probably only got like six.

You know how bitches be lyin',tryin' to get money--


Okay, with that logic,maybe he didn't rape 27 women.

But with that logic, that meanshe still raped six women, brah.

Six for 27 ain't good numbers,but they're still Kobe numbers,you know what I'm saying?

Numbers are on the boardis the problem.

This is great, man.

I didn't likeBlack History Month.

I've been thinking, we shouldjust be a part of the culture.

You shouldn't just subsectionus off to this little partwhere we get the--

And I didn't get shitin the mail.

Right? I didn't evenget anything. What?

At best, in Black History Month,everyone in school has to readLangston Hughes poems.

Google's homepage uses blackpeople as the letters.

You know what I'm talking about?

Where it's the "G"and the "O" and the "E"s...

always a [BLEEP] on a trumpet.


bah-bah, bah-bah,unh-unh, unh-unh, unh...

It's not my reparations, dawg.

Herpes ain't that bad.

It doesn't kill you,which is very nice of herpes.Good lookin' out.

Herpes is just physical regret.

It's just regret you can feel.

Herpes is-- herpes is like...

"Remember that time you [BLEEP]up? Well, you will forever."

That's exactly what herpes--just reminds you of the negat--

or that positive moment.

You can get herpesfrom something positive.

Like, is herpes that bad,if you get it from Beyonce?

You know what I'm saying?You're with your friend, like...

"Ow, my herpes is enflamed."He's like, "Ew, you got herpes?"

"Yeah, from that timeI [BLEEP] Beyonce."