Hillary Clinton Officially Accepts Her Historic Nomination

Thursday, July 28, 2016 07/28/2016 Views: 13,004

In honor of Hillary Clinton's acceptance of her monumental nomination, Mike Birbiglia, Gillian Jacobs and Tami Sagher think up new slogans for her campaign. (1:57)

If you happenedto hear your angry uncle

banging his headagainst a shed earlier,

it's because tonight at the DNC,

Hillary Clintonofficially accepted

her historic nominationfor president.

Jack, roll the clip!

-♪ -(laughter)

(cheers and applause)

Preparefor Game of Thron pun.

I can't believe she stillhasn't gotten in trouble

for Bran-ghazi!

-Oh. You guys.-(audience groaning)

I know. So long ago.

And to add insult to injury forthe GOP, she ended her speech

by pouring wineon Carly Fiorina's face.

But, hey, Bernie Sanders seemsto be taking it well.



When he hit the ground,he actually shattered

into a pileof Werther's Originals. Uh...


Comedians, now that Hillary hasclaimed the Dems' throne,

what's a good sloganfor Hillary

of House Clinton,first of her name?

Mike Birbiglia, go.

Uh, it'd be, like,a bumper sticker.

It says, like,"Hillary Clinton.

You guys rememberwhen Obama hugged me?"

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: Yup.



Gillian Jacobs, who isstruggling with her voice.

Hillary--literally, the only option.


-(applause and cheering)-HARDWICK: Your voice is good!

BIRBIGLIA:It is good.

She couldn't talkbefore the show.

BIRBIGLIA:Earlier today,

she couldn't talk,and then I realized,

-she just doesn't wantto talk to me. -(laughter)

That's so weird. Everyone I meetdoesn't have a voice.

-I don't understand.-(laughter)


Hillary--breaking glass ceilings

since before Trump's third wifewas born.

-HARDWICK: Yes, perfect!-BIRBIGLIA: Oh.