The Lucas Brothers - Scary NBA Statistics

The One with More Dicks Season 3, Ep 3 10/11/2016 Views: 1,078

Keith and Kenny Lucas explain why it's too stressful for them to watch professional basketball and reveal the ruthless plan they have for their younger brother. (1:08)

- Yeah, we used to watcha lot of NBA,

but we stopped becauseof the advanced stats.

- Oh, yeah, advanced statsruining the game.

I think it's justtoo convoluted, man.

I miss the old days when youdidn't have to worry about math.

- That's right, yeah.- You know?

- I'm tired now.The stats are too scary.

- That's right.- They're terrifying.

- Like, we saw this one stat.Y'all probably saw it, too.

They saidevery time Steph Curry

shoots 40% fromthe three-point line,

a black man gets shotin the hood.

- That's right.

It blew our minds, man.- Oh, it was terrifying.

It was horrifying.- Terrifying, man.

We did some more research.

We read in "The Atlantic"that one out of three

Africa-American dudes getarrested before they turn 31.

- That's true.- Yeah, that's true.

- We just turned 30.- That's right.

It's getting close, man.- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Mm-hmm.Fortunately enough,

we got a younger brotherthat's 18.

- That's right.

So for the last year,

we've been trying to getthat dude arrested.

- Oh, yeah.

- Right?

- I mean,it's either him or us.

- That's right, man.