Al Madrigal - Coach Rascal Pt. 3

Al Madrigal: Why Is the Rabbit Crying? Season 1, Ep 1 04/26/2013 Views: 9,159

Al Madrigal knows better than to comment on Coach Rascal's dubious football advice. (1:25)

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but you can't doanything about it.

He's so intimidating.

He actually said thisto the kids.

They're fiveand six years old.

When they getthe football,

they run in the wrong direction,they tackle each other.

If there's a dog,they chase the dog.

They're idiots.

And he says--this is a quote--

"You guys gotto pay attention,

or you're gonna havebad dreams."

Leaving all the parentson the sideline going,

"Did he just[bleep] say that?

"Because I havea hard enough time

"getting that guyto sleep as it is.

I don't need Coach Rascalgiving him cholo night terrors."

Then my wife gives meone of these.

You know this?You should know, yeah.

A hand squeeze with a squintand a head nod, which means,

"Get in there, asshole,and say something.

Time for you to man up,or I'm gonna say something."

And there'sa countermove to that.

I squeezed her handeven a little bit harder,

looked her in the eyesand said,

"We're not saying shit.

"You let Coach Rascalconduct his business,

"or we're gonna find outwhy the rabbit's crying,

and I don't wanna find outwhy the rabbit's crying."

I don't wanna find out.

- Whoo!

[cheers and applause]