Congrats on the Murder

Jeff & Some Honor Killings Season 1, Ep 1 01/11/2017 Views: 1,186

The aliens congratulate Jeff on restoring interplanetary peace, but their relief may be short-lived. (1:08)

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[festive music]- All right!

- You did it, buddy.- You nailed it.

- No, no. Stop it! Shut up!all: Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff!

- Turn it off!

- Bravo, Jeff.

This slave is both healthyand strong.

I think it's safe to say

this has been a huge winfor everyone.

- Oh, it's over.[chuckles]

It's over.

- [grunting]

You can chain my body,

but you can't chainmy soul.

- Uh, that's actuallyexactly what we did.

- [grunting]

- Stop him!

[all grunting]

- Oh, my God,he's kicking our asses.

- Yeah, it looks like he'sgetting a great workout too.

[all grunting]

- Father!

- You were always a good boy.

- No.- [coughs]

I want you to takegood care of your mother.

- No!-[groans]

- No!Father!