Brendon Walsh - Homeless Newspaper

Brendon Walsh Season 1, Ep 5 05/25/2012 Views: 10,339

Brendon Walsh thinks that homeless people could write the best newspaper on the planet. (2:10)

Imagine how dumb you feel

after you get done banging yourrubber vagina flashlight,

and you're just standing thereat the kitchen sink,

like, rinsing it out

under warm water...



"I didn't think I was gonna bethis guy when I grew up."

"Knew how thiswas gonna play out.

"Banged a rubber vaginaflashlight.

Gotta get my (bleep) together."


Speaking of filthy thingsto stick your dick into...


I was in San Franciscoa few months ago.

(laughter, clamoring)

San Francisco...I love San Francisco.

It's... I-I love it.

San Francisco'sa fantastic city.

Also the nation's largestoutdoor homeless shelter.

I don't know ifyou were aware of that.

You're ass-deep inhomeless guys there.

They're all over the place.

They have their own newspaper.

The homeless guys.

You ever see that?

In San... they do it in,like, San Francisco,

Seattle, Portland...

like, the homeless guysall got together

and started a newsroomor something.

They sell their own newspaperthey write.

And I haven't...I-I haven't bought one.

I've never bought one.

And I'm like, why...

why am I not buying that?

It's probably like the bestnewspaper on the planet, like,

crazy ramblingsof homeless guys?

"Extra! Extra!Read all about it!

Kleenex boxes make excellentshoes in a pinch."

"Turn to page 12 forthe 53-day weather forecast.

"The weather every daywill be...


(scattered applause)